Which is best paid VS organic marketing? 

Marketing online can be done in 2 ways. ORGANIC and PAID marketing. 

Hello there marketers! Today in this blog, I will discuss Organic and Paid marketing, and I will help you choose which is the best way to market the products and services. 

Online marketing is to give out the offerings better than your competitors online. And you can do marketing organically or pay. You will get the results in paid and inorganic, but the difference is paid marketing can get you quick results, and organic marketing can get you late results but fruitful results. 

So without any further delay, let’s get into the blog. 

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is marketing without spending any single penny on ads. You can use social media, google, or youtube, or any search engine for organic marketing. 

If social media is new, it is easy for you to grow organically. But if it’s old enough, growing organically is hard. For instance, Facebook, the reach is dead on Facebook. You can’t grow organically on Facebook. But LinkedIn now is similar to Facebook’s 2012. You can expand on LinkedIn faster organically. 

Google is the best marketplace to grow organically as Google’s reach will never die because people keep updating the information on google. People go to google with search intent, not for entertainment like on social media. 


organic traffic


Why organic marketing?


  • Best way to get started with no marketing budget.
  • The massive cost advantage for sales organically. 
  • Better customer understanding, their pain points, and desires. 
  • Organic traffic tends to produce more sales as Google trusts you. 
  • Easy to automate after some time. 

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is marketing by giving google some money and asking them to bring specific audiences to your website. You can also do paid marketing using social media marketing to get traffic to your website. 

Why paid for marketing?

  • For quick results.
  • If you are already generating ample revenue. 
  • For more and brief website visits. 
  • For quick conversions. 

Which is best for me: Organic or Paid marketing?


Which is better


At the initial level, I would suggest you complete organic marketing to understand human behavior, pain points, threats, and opportunities of your potential customer. 

Once you have understood the basic concept of REAL MARKETING, you can use the knowledge into paid marketing for exponential growth. Marketing can be challenging if you don’t have people who love your product or service. Marketing can be way more comfortable if you build a community as the people will share your content, and thus it’s a FREE AD for you.

From time to time you need to analyze the report of your online business so that you can implement better ideas and grow faster. Be real to your audience, connect with them, respond to their queries it will be a boost to your online presence. 

Bottom line: The combination of organic and paid marketing works the best. 


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