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Welcome back again to this new post! We are glad to have you also on the board. In the last blog post, we have learned about what a website and a domain name are. Now let’s discuss the importance of web presence.

Website, Online presence
Website- My online Presence

Till you now, you have a brief idea about the online world. Few questions are still unanswered, and we are going to cover those questions in this blog. 

So the first question is-

Why do I need a website? 

So you have a physical store in the US, or you are a freelancer and now looking for a secure job, or you are looking for more freelancer clients to work for them. 

Benefits of WEB Presence

Online Marketing, Website presence
       Website presence For better results

Strong web presence is a crucial component of your marketing strategy! Your life will be turned upside down in all of the above three cases if you don’t have a website. 

  • As a store/business owner

For a business owner like you, a website can bring in more traffic and sales other than your Regular Street or city traffic by building an online presence for your business. 

  • For a secure job

My friend, if you have been working as a freelancer and now you want a secure job. A personalized website can help you get your dream job way faster than the one who doesn’t have a website.  

  • For freelancer client

If you are working as a freelancer, credibility plays a significant role. You can’t take the money from your client and run away. A website builds strong credibility, and you get projects faster.

  • More reason? 

Now you don’t need to learn those complicated coding in HTML, Java, or CSS. You can make your website completely free of hassle with drag and drop features of Wordpress or Wix. 

What are the alternatives? 

Knowing why you need a website is now answered, but you must know the alternate channels of growing an web presence apart from a website. 

Speaking out honestly, there is no alternative to a website. Yes, different channels and platforms like Facebook, and Instagram, grow an online presence. 

But do social media worth it?

The answer is yes, as well as no.  Let me explain it briefly. 

Yes, because if you have a business, leveraging social media helps you reach more people and increase engagement more personally than a website. 

The Power of Social presence


Social media presence
           Power of Social Media Presence

Social media help you drive more traffic and sales by promoting your WEBSITE on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

No, because the organic reach of social media platforms has a limit and, unfortunately, will die one day as Facebook’s organic is dead. Even Instagram is reporting a decline in its organic reach. 

But Google will never die out of organic reach because people will not stop searching for the queries they want to be answered.

People want answers to their questions; that’s why they go to google. If People want to entertain themselves, they go to social media.  So,  Should I do it myself, or should I hire someone to “Do It For Me.”

Web development by drag and drop feature is effortless, but creating a website that sells is tough. So before jumping into web development, ask yourself a few questions which include-

  • “DO I have the experience to make a ‘Website that Sells’ on my own?”
  • “Do I have time out of my business to learn web development?”
  • “Do I have time for creating content for my website and social media?”
  • “Can I do SEO all on my own and rank my website to the top page?”

Suppose you have said NO to any one of the questions. You might need us to DO IT FOR YOU.

DIFM- For You

And we are always ready to help you in the web development and SEO part because we know what Google wants. 

Now you are ahead of 98% people because you know and respect the facts about online presence, and you are ready to take a step forward and welcome to the 1% club. 

Let us know how you feel about the knowledge that I shared today and let us know if you need any web development services.

Your online business- Complete guide! 

Thanks 🙂








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