Ways To Do Self Promotion On Social Media

The world today is all about Click!

Caption! Upload! Likes! Uh oh! No comments? The past decade has witnessed a substantial rise in the social media world. The popularity of social media is mushrooming like never before. Creators are in a rat race to win the maximum engagement. Social Media is not just to impress people. It is also to impact people. The elephant in the room is that do the creators really know how to expand their reach socially or how to self-promote themselves?

Social media presents a picture that the real world lacks. This is what makes it addictive. It bestows us with immediacy, direction, and a value as an individual. It is a digital reflection of the human world excluding the muddles. Social Media is the key to listen, engage, and build relationships. The lock, stock, and barrel come down to earning your audience, and not just collecting them like an invite.

Is Less Really More?

If social media is a fire then the content is gasoline. Your engagement is all about the content you share. But does that mean you need to flood people’s timelines with your posts? Not really. Posting on a regular basis is important. However, posting the right content is even more important. Maintain your frequency to at the most thrice a week. Posting a lot is not going to get you the results, but posting at the time when the audience would be looking definitely will. Use tools that help you schedule your feed prior.

Hashtags are the new lingo

Social media, Hashtags
Hashtags can make your business reach new heights.

Picking up the right hashtags matters a lot. Aim for quality and not quantity. Gone are the days when people thought including a paragraph of hashtags will serve the purpose.

#Using #a #lot #of #tags #in #your #post #will #eventually #reduce #the #attention #of #the #viewers.

All you need are a few relevant hashtags to add to your post and you are all good to communicate with your followers, sell your product or gain more customers.




Get them talking

People engage in your content when you leave them with a question or something to think about. While drafting your posts, keep in mind to answer all the queries from the reader’s perspective. Along with this, it is important to engage your audience. Explore the comments sections and try interacting with the audience. Moreover, always welcome healthy criticism. It will eventually lead to an increase in engagement. Try collaborating with other brands or accounts with similar interests.

Giveaways get returns

You would have come across sites and brands launching contests from time to time. This is done to raise the stakes a little higher. Launching of contests or giveaways results in enhancement of engagement on your account. Moreover, you get to be the talk of the town for a while. In fact, you can generate hashtags and ask people to use them in their entries for the contest or the giveaway. This has yielded substantial results when the account manages to gather some reach.

Social Media is that bullet train that amazes you with its wonders, and this bullet train is not coming back any soon. So, try out the aforementioned ways to promote yourself on this tremendous platform.


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