Top 7 Effective Ways to Improve your Blog’s Traffic

When was the last time you read a book to know about something? The information age does not expect you to read an entire book when you can read blogs. Blogs give you instant knowledge. These days it is not only the business firms who are writing blogs but students and individuals as well. People are creating a plethora of content. It can be about their personal experiences, travelogues, or even general information for their audience. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a tab on your blog’s traffic.

  1. Incorporate SEO –
    Keep a track on your blog’s traffic, regularly.

    Search Engine Optimization means optimizing the contents of a blog, that it appears higher in the search results. There are several ways of doing it. Adding long-tail keywords is the most effective. They are common and known words related to the content that you are writing. Use Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Google trends, or Google Correlate to find such phrases. Use them in your article. It can make your blog more visible in search engines and hence drive more traffic. 

  2. Understand your audience and deliver content accordingly-

    The most important question before you start writing your blog is for whom are you writing? If you are aware of your audience and its preferences, half of your work is complete. Since you know what the reader wants, you can deliver the content on relevant topics. However, if you do not know about your audience, then you need to find out. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Alexa, or others can help you give better insights about your viewers like their age, gender, interests, location, etc. To make your tasks easier, choose topics from the comment section of your blog site.

  1. Ensure The Blog Works Properly-

    Does it happen, when you visit a website, it takes too much time to load? And, you do not wait but switch to some other site. This might be responsible for not only losing the prospecting customers but your current reading as well. Therefore, choose a good web host that will load the web pages fast. A study found that the possibility that a reader will stick to your blog is higher; it takes 5 seconds to download. Check the speed of your webpage with PageSpeed Insights. Do not lose your chance to impress your prospective readers.

  2. Be a guest or bring a guest-

    Bring a professional from the industry you are planning to write about and introduce the same to your audience. You can write to some other bloggers as well. When the person streams your content, it gets exposed to new content. Either way is good to drive content to your website.

  3. Social Media Presence and E-mails-
    Make your presence online.

    Do not restrict your presence to only your blog website. Using the e-mail id of people visiting your website, you keep them informed about your latest or upcoming posts. Maintain social media presence and connect with your audience. This helps to keep consistency in the traffic along with the retention of readers.

  1. Incorporate the use of Push Notifications-

    Push notifications are like messages for your audience, which are a medium to interact with your audience. It can be a message of 160 words or more informing them about the posts. This will encourage the readers who once visited the website to return to it. It helps increase the audience and hence subscriptions for the blog. About 10-15% of your viewers are the ones who have allowed the notifications. 

  2. Creative and Innovative content-

    You can use apps or websites to create catchy headlines and titles for your blogs. It will also find faults and improve them. Apart from that, make your content more original that adds value to the audience. Discover your writing style and make sure your audience likes it.

Everybody reads blogs these days. It is a win-win situation for those who stay consistent and deliver fresh content to their audience. It is important to give good content. However, the content that reaches the audience is equally important. Hence, all those working hard to be successful bloggers should incorporate the above techniques.

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