Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Designing A Website

designing a website

Web designing is not an easy task. It requires proper planning and strategies. The web designer and the web developer work together to create a successful website. To produce websites that will be located by search engines, engage customers, and stimulate conversions is too much to do. However, web developers and web designers have different tasks to do. Here are some tips you may require when you design your website.

  • Purpose of the site

The purpose of the site should be clear. Is the site for sharing information, driving sales for products, or getting new clients. The idea should be clear so that you understand why your site exists. This will help in understanding what you have to serve visitors. Also, target the audience and keep in mind what actually visitors will expect from your site. The design, content, and navigation should match the purpose that aligns with the audience and their goals.

  • Be creative

Try to do something different and stand out of crowd. Be creative with your ideas and add some new features to them. Your website is face to the world. The impressive the site, the more visitors you get. Make your unique and impressive. Make sure your website is easy to use, do not complicate it. The website should have all the features that customers will need from the website to be easily accessible. The layout of your site should encourage social sharing.

  • Choose a domain

Keep the name of your website simple and easy. It should not be hard to remember. And if the website is for your company, it is better to keep the same name as of company. Keep it short and simple and avoid using numbers. It is also a good option to buy the old domain name. As the old domain name is already in public, it has more recognition, it will help your website to get an audience too.

  • Make the site mobile friendly

The website should be mobile-friendly. If your website does not respond on mobile then you might lose a lot of visitors. People nowadays are more likely to use their mobile rather than computers. So use the algorithm which prioritizes mobile sites.

  • SEO friendly code

SEO-friendly code acts as a guide for search engine spiders by providing a clear picture of your site’s content. Use strong lines, keywords, phrases in content that are frequently used makes the site search-friendly. You can increase the overall return o investment by improving the site’s code.

  • Site security

It is very important to make sure that your site is secure. If your website is related to transactions or it takes the information of customers, it should be secure. Customers should feel safe while putting their information on your site. You may have the best intentions, but unfortunately, identity theft is still a real threat.  

  • Compatibility with multiple browsers

There exist a lot more browsers now. People have the choice to search the site in any browser. Your site should be able to work in all browsers. While designing the website make sure it is vital to reach multiple browsers. The site should be able to properly open in all major browsers. Also, it should work smoothly without any issue even in the older versions.


First of all, the website should look good. Design it in an impressive way. SEO process requires consistency so make sure you launch the SEO process simultaneously. Create good content and frequently update the blogs. Daily engagement is necessary to keep the site in the public’s eye. Do add a Review to your site so that visitor can share their experience with your site. Also, customer testimonials can be used to promote your website. Hence, there are many factors you need to keep in mind while creating a branded website. Make sure that your website has enough tools to make it successful. 

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