The Dark Web: Everything You Need To Know About It

The Dark Web is a legally illegal place

The web has three parts. They are surface web, deep web, and dark web.

The surface web is what you use and see. Most people think it is the whole web but it is not. The surface web is online content accessed by using a search engine or links. It is easily available to the general public.

The deep web is not accessible to all. You will need permission to access it, you can open it from search engines or links. It includes private messages, email, login access to a site, etc.

Now comes the dark web. From its name you can predict something is fishy with this part of the web. It is a totally dark side of the web that holds scary secrets. Legal and illegal activities trades here. Let us know about the dark web in detail.


What Is the Dark Web?

The dark web is the part of the internet that is not visible to search engines and requires the use of a special browser such as tor browser to access. You can do all sorts of illegal activities such as buying credit card numbers, counterfeit money, guns, drugs, hacked Netflix accounts, and break into anybody’s computer. You hire a hacker from here to attack computers for your personal needs. Despite all these activities running on the dark web, it is not illegal. 


How To Access The Dark Web?

Firstly start with downloading tor and the tor browser. Before you open the tor, keep your computer clean like close all the apps, disable the webcam and the microphone, essential files are closed and important credentials are locked. When you open it make sure you have done proper research on it because operating tor is not as easy as google. It is unorganized and you will need to take every step carefully. There are no rules in the black market so understand the transactions on the dark web before you do any.

When you are finished with your work close the tor browser and shutdown or restart your computer. When you start your computer again, make sure that everything is acting normally and you are safe. Now you can go back to regular use of all your settings. 


Dark Web Search Engines And Sites

It is challenging to keep up with dark web search engines. There are links available to access it but you need patience because many times it shows connection times out and 404 error.

The dark websites appear the same as other sites but are slightly different from them. The naming structure is such that it ends with .onion. This is for hiding the services provided on Tor. It is a high-level designating suffix.

Dark websites create naming which is often difficult to remember. You may find that sites constantly change their address. This is to avoid DDoS. This makes a very dynamic environment.



The dark web is not safe if you do not know what you are doing. For beginners, it is dangerous as there are a number of hackers and traps sitting there to steal personal information and get into your computer. It is crucial to be cautious while exploring the dark web. There is even a threat from the FBI because they can track down people from the web. Even if you are not involved in illegal activities there is still a chance you may get prosecuted for breaking the law. It is not all bad on the dark web, it is worth at least a one-time visit.

Research well. Tread safely. Backout the moment you fear something.

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