Social Media- Grow Your Brand Organically

Many people say, “it’s hard to grow organically on Instagram and Facebook.” Have you ever heard or said so? The algorithm is the answer. Yes, it might be true that algorithms may decrease your reach on social media. But not always; there are things you need to do right.

If you have said this, let me tell you. You might be wrong (Up to some extent). So in this blog post, you will discover how you can grow your brand organically on social media

Gary’s vee is my biggest inspiration. He says no algorithm can harm you and your reach. It’s your content and the people. If people love your content and your content is valuable, you will win on social media. 

Apart from algorithms, there are many jacks that you can discover to grow your brand organically, which includes- 

  • Use stories

Stories are one of the best ways to grow organically. Use words to build engagement, ask them questions, answer them, or correct them personally. 

When you build engagement, Instagram or Facebook notices that and gives you more reach. 

Then I didn’t post anything for a week; I saw a significant decrease in engagement and growth. From 1528 story views per day to 645 story views, my account was going down. 

  • Go live

Going live on social media helps. When you are live on Facebook or Instagram, social media sends notifications to your followers and gets you more viewers. 

You go live; you get visitors to your live, Instagram will boost your page or account and give your higher reach.

Moreover, if you take people on your live stream, it will boost your profile, and the other person’s followers will be able to get in touch with you. Hence you get more reach. 

  • Collaborate with the Industry leader

The exchange of the audience is the best way to grow organically. When you collaborate with the leaders, it is a Win-Win solution for both parties. 

You do a video or blog post with a leader of that industry, even they will talk about you, and you will talk about them. You both grow together. 

Moreover, collaborating with the leaders will build your credibility in the market. Building credibility in the market will get you more followers and reach organically as more people will be visiting and engaging with you. 

  • Do something valuable for the Industry leader.

Use the ego like a salesman to grow your brand organically. I am not telling you to be egoistic. But do something of value to the industry leader. Write a blog or make a video and upload it on social media. 

The main thing is to reach the leader. Suppose you have made it to the leader once they have seen or read your video or blog. They are going to share it for free, and you will ultimately grow.

Won’t you share something on social media if your best friend made a special video just for you? EGO! Yes, it will help you grow. 

I hope you have learned many tips to grow your brand organically on social media platforms. If you have liked it, let us know which direction you will follow first and tell us if this helped you. 


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