Siri vs Cortana vs Alexa vs Google Assistant

If you picture the journey of chatbots from over the years, you can witness that what was once a fantasy of being able to communicate with a nonliving virtual being is now part of our everyday lives. Artificial Intelligence has introduced and enabled us to make assistants easier to use. 

As a result, we know how things like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and the Google Assistant work. We can talk to and increasingly they can understand us. Let us know how they have revolutionized communication altogether. 


Apple has their Siri.

Apple Inc introduced the word to Siri in 2011. Almost every device of Apple has Siri inbuilt. They are inclusive of iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Homepad. Siri caters to each of your queries. The questionnaire can range from something as simple as the weather outside to even as complex as the number of calories in a food or score of the match. Siri can enable or disable the settings. Moreover, it can find content from the web, set alarms, manage calls and texts, and a lot more. It is an active assistant presented to its users to ease their tasks. However, Apple has integrated Siri to make proactive suggestions that you might act upon.

The suggestions made by Siri although depend on your usage habits. So what you see or hear from your Siri can be different from Siri than that of someone else’s. In the latest update launched by Apple, Siri can send an audio message or even Apple Maps ETA with any contact address. Moreover, it can provide cycling directions. User privacy is of utmost priority to Apple. Henceforth, Siri does not send data back to Apple. They do not sell data to advertisers and predominantly end-to-end encryption is used for data syncing to the cloud.


Amazon presented its all-knowing assistant by the name of Alexa in 2014. The Amazon line up of Echo Speakers, thermostats, soundbars, lamps, and lights, and primarily in your pocket via the Alexa App. Wondering what can Alexa do for you? Well, the litany ranges from doing quick math, checking news/weather, to control your smart home products, and launch your favorite playlists. With each passing day, Alexa is getting smarter while incorporating advanced technologies of machine learning. Alexa is the official “wake word” for the devices. However, you can change this to “Amazon”, “computer”, or “Echo”. Moreover, Amazon is about to roll out the frustration detection feature. Therein Alexa can acknowledge your frustration with her and serve to the best of her credibility.


Microsoft shoots its shot from the virtual shoulders of its witty voice-enabled assistant named Cortana. It was launched in 2014 to compete against the assistants launched by Siri and Google, which were dominating the technological equipment. Cortana tracks your daily rituals and habits and gives you an almost human experience. The future of Microsoft phones lies in the hands of Cortana. She is going to act as a primary medium for searching and discovering the windows 8.1 version.

Dance away with your assisstants.

Cortana was an outcome of prolonged efforts of almost two years. Microsoft referred to actual human assistants while creating Cortana. So Cortana maintains a virtual Notebook to keep track of the user habits and information. However, the user can effectively snatch any piece of information that he/she does not want her to have. On top of it, she is always going to ask you before she takes a note of any of your information. 

Google Assistant

As Google claims ready to help, wherever you are. Such services are established with tools like Google Assistant. If you own Google Home ( now Google Nest Speaker) then its customized Google Assistant is at your service twenty-four-seven. Google Assistant is capable of doing things that its users are not even aware of. This also comes with the option to use the alternative wake phrase “Hey Google” then “Ok Google”, likewise Alexa. In the coming times, there are going to be better alternatives.

The features that are incorporated in this assistant by Google stretch from something as mundane as making a shopping list, listening to headlines, converting money/measurements, and as advanced as controlling your smart home, check emails and queue up your Netflix shows. The most exciting thing that this device can do for you is to help you get rid of your boredom, and tell you some jokes, stories, or puns. So, keeping track of the keys is tough, isn’t it? Let Google do it for you then. The latest facet can even track your keys and lets you find them with a hint of vibration.

These voice assistants have now been an important part of our life. They are everywhere, be it our pockets, our houses, our cars. Whether you use Siri to remind you of an appointment, or asking Alexa to play a song for you, or Cortana to check your mails, or Google Assistant to keep you entertained. Interacting with these non-human assistants has become normal. So with so many options to choose from, it is quite difficult to be partial as each of them perform to the best of their credibility. So, why wait? Cherry-pick your favorite one and get things done.

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