You are exploring new options if you need a logo to be designed for your company? 

A logo that captures attention gets eyeballs, drops jaws, the essence of a person, or the services you sell. 

Why must you get a logo done for your business? 

People and your target audience are attracted to visuals. If you have a new business, the first thing people notice is the logo—the visual. And when people connect with your branding, and then only they will be more likely to open up to what you have to offer. 

5 Importance of a Logo in your business

A logo for business plays a significant factor for a few most important and crucial reason which are as follows: 

  • It grabs eyeballs 

If you are on the internet, you want people to look at you and the things you have to offer. But for that, you need to get their eyeballs. Making a captivating logo will get you more eyeballs. Don’t you stop to see what KFC has to offer? Just like that.

  • Memorable

We have closely monitored people and found that they may forget the name of a brand but never the logo and the visuals. Visuals dig deep into the minds of the people, and they always remember. I say, Mcdonalds, the logo is right in front of you, the big “M.”

  • Makes you look unique from a competitor

For example, Mcdonalds, they have big competitors like burger king, KFC, and other food brands. But what makes them look unique? The logo, the visuals, the JOKER in the MacDonalds. Right? 


You will not see a logo or joker or visuals the same as Mcdonalds. 

  • First impression

Marketing is like approaching a girl or a boy. You need to get your first impression right to date the other. And a Logo works similarly. It gets your first impression. If you see legit and impressive, you will get a date. And here at DIFM, we can get you a DATE.

  • Builds and connects emotionally

In your mind, try to picturize the logo of KFC, apple, Samsung, Burger King, and all the top brands. How do you feel when you picture the image in your mind? 

You might feel hungry and desire to grab some chicken nuggets, or you feel luxurious with apple products in your hand. Right? 


Physiology says, the color of a logo increases brand recognition, and they connect themselves emotionally. 


What types of logos can I get for my business in 2020?

There are many types of logos which are trending in 2020, which includes:


·        3D gradient logos. 

·        Abstract logo designs. (ex- Adidas, coca-cola)

·        Pictorial logo designs. (ex-Apple, Twitter)

·        Monograms logo designs. (ex- HBO, NASA)

·        80’s TB logo designs. 

·        Mascots logo designs. (ex- KFC)

·        Raw logo designs.

Why DIFM for logo designing?

Here at DIFM, we design all types of logos that connect your target audience emotionally with the perfect blend of colors and design. We have expertise in logo designing and human behavior, and we know how to get you a date 😉

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