Content creation is the next big wave in digital marketing and for a growing business. There can be many types of content for any business like a blog post, social media post, video content, podcast, or anything that adds value to others’ lives. 


Videos are the most consumed content because people these days are not likely to read long blog posts. Instead, they would prefer to listen and see a 5 to 10 minutes short video content. 

If you are a food blogger, you might need video content to build more trust with your audience. Being a business owner or freelancer, you might need to promote your business, and a video works the best. 

Why is video content best for my business? 


There are numerous reasons why video marketing can give your business a new direction, and few of them includes: 

  • Video builds trust

Having a single channel as a business promotion may not build trust with your potential client or customer. Your potential client is noticing you over every media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. 


For your customers to understand and build trust, you need to present here and answer the questions that your potential customer is looking for without even asking them those questions.

They will feel emotionally connected to you with more video content. 


  • Even Google prefers videos 

Have you got a blog for your website? Perfect. But do not neglect YouTube videos and other channel videos. 


Google nowadays prefers YouTube videos to build a website’s credibility, and you will also rank higher on google search if you are making videos. 


You need to produce content that Google loves as well as your audience.

  • Videos drive more sales

A business tends to drive more sales if they produce videos because videos keep the viewer hanging on to it until the end, and a reader skims away the blog post with the things they would like to read. Very few readers read the whole blog post, so the changes decrease a bit. 

But if your business includes videos, they are more likely to be convinced way faster than by reading a blog post. 

  • More appealing to mobile users

Content creation is done, keeping in mind mobile users because most people prefer smartphones over laptops or PCs. 

Video content is mobile-friendly as they are easily accessible, easy, and quick to understand, unlike a blog post. 


Creating content that is easily accessible and quick to understand will be more preferred by google as well.  


But DIFM, I don’t know how to make video content? 🙁


Awe, that’s sad. Don’t worry; we got your back, and we can DO IT FOR YOU; I know it’s tough to create content and handle the business side by side. We have expertise in sales-driven video content as we see what Google and your potential client or customer wants. 


Explainer videos is also known as animated videos; the prime base of this video is to provide business ideas, concepts in simple and engaging ways in an attractive form. While making explainer videos, we need to keep some facts in mind such as characters should be in animated form, it gives different kind of connection and relationship with an audience. Music should be appealing, appropriate with products. The videos should be of best quality with high pixels. Videos should provide short, simple and crisp information, relevant with the target audience.

The major benefits are as below:

Quick and easy understanding of Business

Enhancement in online performance and visibility

Enhancement in conversion rates

Brand building of the product


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