Resource Management – A Quick Guide

Hey there, my future marketers! In the previous blog post, you have learned about content creation and how you can create content around your business and scale it. Today, you will learn something different, but it might reduce some burden from your head in your online business. 

Yes, I am talking about resource management. 

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So, let us not talk about anything else and dive into the primary content that will help you to get clear 

What is resource management? 

The term Resource management might confuse you. Because initially, it does to me. 

Have you ever heard about Human resource management? 

Resource management is the procedure to make the most out of the resources in a business that involves identifying, acquiring, and managing the resources required for the project. 

These few steps will ensure that RIGHT resources are with the project manager of that team at the RIGHT time and place so that the execution is done without any conflict and problems. 

Who are resource managers?


Resource manager, Resource management
 Resource manager makes workflow easy

Many teams are working on different projects in big corporates having resource managers for the individual project makes it easy and quick.  

But why am I telling you this? 

If you have a large company and handle tons of projects and clients, you might need someone who decreases the burden from your head in arranging resources. 

That is where resource management plays a significant role in a company. Works for the arrangement of the resources for the multiple project managers. 

 When the work is divided, productivity tends to be higher, and the result tends to be completed faster. 

The Steps included in resource management-

For the availability of the right resources at the right place have a few steps, which are as follows:

(PS- This process is for single project management)

Planning Process


  • Planning resource management

Here the manager has to plan how they will estimate, acquire, and utilize the physical and team resources they have with them at the moment. 

  • Estimation of activity resources

Here we plan about the estimation of the utilization of team resources and the materialistic equipment required. 

Executing process 

The process of execution is divided into these three steps: 

  • Acquiring resources

After planning, the important is resources to start the project. 

  • Developing Team

Once you acquired the resources then you need to build a team for division and assigning of work so that the workflow becomes easy. 

  • Managing the Team

Now you have you monitor the team’s performance, giving them feedback, solving problems, and optimizing the projects. 

Monitoring and controlling process
Monitoring and controlling are part of resource management
Teamwork wins!

The monitoring and controlling process include checking the resources’ availability as planned, and the employees are not short of resources. In case of a shortage of resources, you must provide them with what they want so that workflow does not affect.

Why do I need a resource manager? 

In a large business organization with multiple teams, know that you cannot handle every team alone. 

Here is some reason why you need a resource manager and management: 

In an organization hundreds of employees, it might be tough for you to know the people who are involved in the projects. So, let the resource manager do it for you. 

  • Control over the project

Having a lot of projects and clients might make it difficult for you to control every project. So, let the resource manager do it for you. 

  • Ensures proper utilization of resources

In such a large organization, alone, you cannot judge the utilization of the resources. So, let the resource manager do it for you. 

  • Maximum efficiency

Dividing the work increases productivity and efficiency of each person.

We hope you have understood why you need Resource management for your organization and how one can complete projects with utmost productivity. 

If you have any queries regarding Resource management, do let us know in the comment section below. Thank you 🙂


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