What our Special Plan includes

Looking for a complete tech consulting solution. Partner with us by joining hands on the complete consulting solution and get the best results for your business. Approx. 88% of service industry in the country has been failing due to lack of online presence and have been loosing billions of dollars every year due to the wrong decisions made in selecting a marketing strategy. Don’t burn your pockets on services that don’t give results. Check out our pricing below.

What do you get
Price for service in the market for 1 year (excluding taxes)
Our Price (excluding taxes)
1 year of free consultation on Hosting/ Web/ Domain services (approx 12 hours of consultation) $500.00 $350.00
Free web hosting for unlimited domains for 1 year upto 100 GB storage (approx 10-12 websites) $300.00 $210.00
1 year of CDN on anyone of your domain (Cloudflare) + Installation and managing charges $440.00 $308.00
1 website redesign for the year $2,000.00 $1,400.00
SEO for 12 months (average 50 hours a month) $9,000.00 $6,300.00
1 free domain for 12 months $15.00 $10.50
Dedicated Social media manager (average 40 hours a month) $4,800.00 $3,360.00
Email Newsletters Creation and Management (average 20 hours a month) $2,880.00 $2,016.00
Marketing material design (average 5 hours a month)-upto 5 flyers $900.00 $630.00
1 Ebook design (15-20 pages) (average 10 hours a month) $1,800.00 $1,260.00
Total $22,635.00 $15,844.00
Grand Total (Inclusive of taxes) $18,696.51
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