Building an online presence may seem easy, though it is. But it needs patience and a lot of hard work to build an online presence, a community, and impact a large number of people. Hey there everyone, We are again back with a new blog to clear your myths and tell you some facts which might seem bitter but the TRUTH. By the end of this blog, you will have clear ideas, facts, and myths of the online presence and building a community. So, stay tuned. 

Digital marketing is transforming payroll advertising and impacting tons of business by boosting its profit margins and growth. 

But still many of the new marketers have very high expectations from marketing online as they have learned theory very quickly and expect a massive ROI from their first campaigns.

But that’s not the way it works. 

So let’s get into the topic and understand what it takes to be an online marketer. 

Myth/Expectation 1: Huge traffic = Huge ROI

Most companies and newbie marketers think that the more traffic they will drive to their website, the more they will sell them. 

Focusing exclusively on NUMBERS will get you no sale or a very few sales. Numbers are good to look at, but it is best to see if they are coming from more relevant traffic. 

So, Quality traffic > Quantity. 

Myth/Expectation 2: People don’t buy/trust online sellers. 

Still, we live in a generation where companies and marketers always don’t trust online marketing. Just because they were not able to sell anything online, they think no one can. 

And they still believe only in the traditional mode of marketing. So knowledge in digital marketing plays a significant role. If you are not able to sell, it’s OKAY. Invest in your learning.

Myth/expectation 3: Content isn’t important 

Stepping into the marketing world will make you feel like you can sell anything online. All you need is to do is run ads online on social media platforms and Google. 

But that’s not the case—the online world demands content. If you cannot give a proper context for your product, service, or business, you won’t sell. It would help if you showed expertise in your domain by providing valuable content. 

“Content is no more a king; it’s a KINGDOM!”
Myth/expectation 4: Easy and quick ROI

Just because you know how to run ads doesn’t mean you will easily make some quick bucks here. A few of your ads might not perform well, and you are into LOSS. What’s next? 

You need to keep investing and testing and have the patience to make a lot of revenue for your business. There is nothing such as the Get Rich Quick scheme in the online marketing world. 

It’s pure being a practitioner and continuous learner throughout life. 

Myth/Expectation 5: A single social media profile is enough

No, it’s not enough. Today you are getting a lot of reach out of social media; tomorrow, it will be gone as of Facebook’s organic reach (RIP). Get onto every platform you see around and build impact. 


An online world might seem to be full of MONEY, FAME, and LIFESTYLE, but it requires a mindset of adding value to others’ lives. 

We hope this blog has changed your mindset regarding online marketing and cleared your myths and reality. 


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