How To Start A Blog?

How To Start A Blog?

Starting a blog can be exciting. You can share your thoughts, write-ups in your own blog and let the whole world read them. Blogs are the best ways to present your thoughts and ideas to the world. Are you planning to create one but are you confused about how to start it? Do not worry, in this blog we will tell you how to create your own blog in a very basic way. 

  • Choose your blog name

The very first step to start a blog is to think about the topic on which your blog will be centered. Be clear with the idea of a blog topic, whether it is about food, travel, photography, business, or multipurpose. Once you are done with the topic, come to the name. The name should be related to the purpose of the blog. Keep it simple so that it will be easy to find and remember. If you find the name you wanted is already taken then you can modify the name by using extra dashes or using upper-lower cases for words. You can also try a different domain extension.

  • Get the right blogging platform

There are two ways in which you can start blogging. You can signup for a free blogging site or use a self-hosted blog. If you are starting your blog as a side interest then signing up for free blogging might be a good option. But if you are serious then go for a self-hosted blog. In this way, you will make your blog look more professional and better. 

Make sure to choose the right blogging platform. There are numerous blogging websites present. On the top of the list comes WordPress. WordPress is flexible and easy to use. Some other good platforms are blogger, Tumblr, ghost, and Medium.  

  • Get web hosting

In order to have a blog, you must have a blog host. Blog host and blog software are the two things that you will need to have for running your blog. BlueHost is one of the most recommended web hosts. They will register your domain name for free and provides a simple one-click installation for WordPress.

  • Customize your blog

You can customize your blog the way you want. You can replicate your idea on blog design. Keep in mind that the theme dictates the blog. So, design your blog according to the theme. If you are using WordPress then you change the theme by clicking “Appearance” on the left menu. There are thousands of themes available in WordPress, you can choose any suiting your theme. 

  • Promote your blog

Creating a blog, writing content is the basic step. The main thing is you need to get visitors for your blog. And for getting more and more visitors you need to promote your blog. The initial step of promoting is firstly sharing it with your friends and families. Then share it on social media. You can add a link to your blog to your social media account and put it in a story and ask your friends/followers to visit it. Also, you can engage with your visitors and chat with them, also commenting on others’ blogs can get you, visitors. You can also collaborate with other bloggers to promote your blog. 


These all are the initial steps that will help you to start a blog. Once the blog is made, be consistent with your write-ups. Keep updating it from time to time. To be a successful blogger, give proper attention to your blogs, create quality content, engage with visitors, interact in the comment section, promote your blog and then repeat. Be relevant with the theme of your blog and your content. If you plan to extend it further for monetizing purposes, work on it strategically.

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