How to Shift Your Established Business Online?


This Covid-19 pandemic has been so much exhausted for all of us, also it impacts most of the businesses. Some of the reports show that there has been a significant increase in the closure of offline businesses. Instead of dwelling on the huge loss, it is better to move your business online. So your business can survive and work in these tough times. As consumers are not able to go outside and visit shops, then with an online presence it will be great. However, there has been a lot of changes in the spending habits of people. Therefore, moving your offline business to online can help in generating revenue. To transfer that shop to a great online company, in this article, we put a list of some steps to get your business online. Therefore, here are some of the things you need to do:

How to Move Your Business Online?

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  1. Buy a domain name

to move your business online, domain selection is the first and foremost step. Typically, you have to choose a domain name similar to your business name. You have to pay for your business domain in $15-$20 for a whole year. To purchase a domain, search the preferred domain name in a domain buying platform. After this, you can choose the extension for your name, like “.net”, “.com”. Select offers which suit your financial conditions. You can also use another name if your offline name is already taken. Once you register your domain name, you are ready to build your website.


2. Work on your website’s design

After you build your website, you have to present your website with a range of templates. For this, choose a simple and professional theme for the website. You have to make sure that the design you choose will reflect your brand. You can change the background and font, add social media links to your business, and can also upload your product videos and images.


3. Decide what to sell

There is another thing you have to add to your online business, which is that to decide what you will sell on your website from your existing products. While choosing products, start to add your top-selling and easy to carry products on your site. Also, you can add items that consumers require and request the most. In this way, you will get a product which will increase the sales of these products. However, if you do not want to store new inventory, you can use drop shipping tools which will find suppliers for you.


4. Get your legal things done

moving your business online does not mean that you are free from all legal procedures. So that you have to fill some requirements depending on your business. If you are opting for a different name for your business, you need a DBA license. you can apply for a DBA with the state government where your business is located. You also have to register for an Employee Identification Number so that IRS can add tax on your transactions. Along with it, you have to collect goods and services tax, if you are planning to sell goods or services. Finally, if you are building a website, then it will collect consumers’ information. Then for this, you have to display a privacy policy that you will not do anything with that information.


5. Add content to your site

Content is the most significant part to transfer your business online. As your customers can not visit you in person, then it is great to write good content to give an idea about your business. While creating content on your site, you can add as many pages, but specifically focus on:

  • Home page
  • About us page
  • Products page
  • Return and refund policy page
  • Contact us page

So, for your home page, you can add what your business does, also add some high-quality photographs showing your product. You can also add some reviews from your past consumers. On the about us page, tell your readers about the beginning of your business. Post some images to declare that a real person is working for the company. On the products page, you can add the details of products your company sells. Include features, benefits of the product. Also, you can add visuals and anything else if you want to add in short.

After that in the return and refunds page, actually reveals that how much you care about the experience of your customers. Use a conversational tone to tell customers what types of products can be returned. At last, on the contact us page, you have to add your email address, physical address, contact number to make your site easy to access.



Therefore, in the time of pandemics, it is crucial to be flexible to remain working and competitive in the market. Moving your business online is a necessity in the era of social distancing we all are experiencing in the world. Although it is definitely a challenge, also it can be a beneficial digital marketing strategy. This can take you to a larger audience. Fortunately, these were some of the tips in this article that you can transfer your business online. Although the internet has made everything easier to manage work with your computer. All you need is to give it a start.

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