How Does The Instagram Algorithm Work For Feed?


Instagram is an amazing app for getting out of boredom. Sharing pictures, making reels can be really fun. But, have you ever wondered how does Instagram always gets to know your interest and shows you the post which you are looking for? Let us go through Instagram’s algorithm for feed and try to understand how it works. Here are the six basic key factors that influence Instagram’s algorithm in the feed.

  • Looks for your interest

When you “like” something Instagram will tend to appear more. Instagram follows your activity, where you comment, which post you like and according to that tries to understand what type of posts you are looking for. It just does not depends on the “likes”, the people you follow, the post you share, and the posts you have saved. Instagram analyses all these and then filters out the content for you. 

  • Relationships play a big role

Instagram really looks for your closed ones. The one with you chat, you share posts, also helps Instagram to give you more content to explore. The app figures out whom you followed, whose content you like, who you know in real life, the people you search for, and who you do the direct message. According to this, the app pops up the person’s post as soon as they post something and makes sure you did not miss it. Instagram tries to calculate your interest as soon as you follow someone by serving you their content and monitoring how you engage with it.

  • Best time to post on Instagram

The timing of your posts matters a lot. Just for example at 10 pm most of the people are online and so when you post at the same time, your post will appear to more people and you will get more likes. But if you are posting at a time when fewer people are active, then the reach of your post decreases. By knowing Instagram’s hack for the best time to post, you can get more likes. Instagram does not only engages your post but also gives attention to your post that how long ago it was posted. Instagram always cares when you posted because it always tries to serve the latest post.

  • How frequently you use the app

The more you open the app, the more chance you give yourself to get to the latest content. If you are a frequent user, then Instagram updates in a while to get you fresh posts. The more you use the app, the better Instagram understands your taste. Frequently using the app will make your feed look more chronological. If you barely open the app, then Instagram will show you what it thinks you might like. Because it will not have many options to show you the content according to your preference. 

  • Your followings

If you follow a lot of people then Instagram has more options to choose from. Instagram prioritizes your closed ones and shows you the post of same. It manages in such a way that you do not have to see every post. You can look for the one you admire or follow more. Instagram secretively removes the inactive account and tends to show it less. The post of the account which you like more and search for more is likely to be on top of your feed.

  • Usage 

If you are using Instagram for a long or you spend a lot of time using it, you will get to see more and more new content. You will be digging into all the posts you are interested in. if you used it more and run out of content then Instagram suggests the posts from new accounts based on your searches and likings. It also goes through the people’s account you are tagged in and based on their liked posts, shows you the updated content. 


If you get to know about Instagram’s working then it gets more fun. Through this, you get a better idea to run your account. And if you are having a business account then it is a must for you to know the Instagram working. It will help you to get more views, likes, comments, and followers. If your post is liked then it is good, if they comment it is better, if they share it is best. If they are saving it, you get the highest reach. Know Instagram’s algorithm for feed and enjoy using the app.

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