How AI Is Changing The World?

Artificial intelligence

AI is Artificial Intelligence which refers to the concept of computer systems that can perform tasks that are capable of human intelligence. AI is described as a machine that can mimic functions that are associated with the human mind like problem-solving and learning. Also, Artificial intelligence makes predictions based on patterns in existing data and finds out the error and increases its accuracy. New information is processed very quickly and accurately by AI. the research of AI includes knowledge representation, learning, reasoning, planning, and the ability to move and manipulate objects. AI is used almost in every field. 

Below, we will see how AI is changing the world

Impact of AI on the world

Artificial Intelligence is moving out of the research labs and entering into the real world. Without even realizing we are entering the age of artificial intelligence. It is impacting our everyday life and benefits humans. AI is becoming more ad more available to mass audiences. AI is already in many things like smartphones, air conditioners, security, light control system, and so on. Let us focus on the following points.

  • Making everything more convenient

AI has made everything convenient for humans. The main interest of AI is the ability to make the task easy for the general public. One of the great examples of AI is Alexa. Alexa is a google assistant who responds to your voice and does whatever is instructed to it. Not only AI has voice recognition ability but it also recognizes video and image. With the help of AI, we can also predict the weather. The customer care companies or companies which are not open 24*7 can make the best use of artificial intelligence. AI can serve these companies by navigating conversations over the phone and helping customers to provide the information they are looking for.

  • Self-driving cars

Road accident has always been the major concern for the government. The government always comes up with a better plan to reduce accidents. But with the help of AI, maybe we can be successful in reducing these accidents. AI is also changing the way we drive cars. Self-driving cars have been introduced, and it has been successfully launched in many countries including the USA. Self-driving cars allow the machine to take the actions on road. It navigates the map and takes the least crowded path. Also, it saves you from the risk of an accident. AI can think and work like the human mind. Technology has grown up so much that maybe in the future we will be able to witness flying cars. And this all will be possible with artificial intelligence.

  • Improving healthcare

Artificial Intelligence technology is affecting the day-to-day life of healthcare practitioners. AI is a boon to the healthcare system. It is used in scanning, X-rays, and finding new illnesses and drugs. AI can transform the way healthcare is delivered. It will help the healthcare system to predict an individual’s risk of certain diseases and suggest preventive measures. AI will reduce patient’s waiting time and improve the efficiency of hospitals. It focuses care on the acutely ill and highly complex procedures, while less urgent cases are monitored and treated via smaller hubs and spokes, such as retail clinics, same-day surgery centers, specialist treatment clinics, and even people’s homes. It also reduces the hospital’s burden and improves the workflow of hospital administration.

  • Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges nowadays. There are constant threats of online fraud. It makes it hard for many big companies to keep their important information and data secure. There are plenty of cybersecurity experts and it becomes even harder for them to keep their system secure from hackers. AI is beneficial in this case. AI can identify harmful attacks based on the behavior of applications and networks. It speedily detects malicious activity. AI adopts proactive measures where the model can spot anomalies and alert the department in advance.

AI in Everyday life

You might have not noticed but AI is the mainstream way we entertain ourselves. There is AI in every technology. 

  • Google translate

Google translate is the one we use more often. It uses machine learning to translate text from secure language to target one. The machine learning model is changing and updating itself every day and becoming more skilled. So, anybody can contribute to google translate. Like adding synonyms to any information, there are a lot of contributors to google.

  • Youtube recommendation engine

Today, Youtube is one of the most used platforms for sharing and watching videos. Youtube always prioritizes the videos according to your interests. It recommends you the video, based on the videos you have liked before. It comes up with the most suitable recommendations for the viewer. 

  • Netflix recommendation engine

Netflix is popular across the globe for movies. Every second person has Netflix on their smartphones. The recommendation engine of Netflix comes up by the type of TV shows or movies you have watched. The recommendation is based on the viewing history. How many times you have watched the same series, how much have you rated to the particular show or movie, or fast-forwarded? By judging all these factors, Netflix comes with the best recommendations belonging to your interest.

  • Google maps

Google Maps uses AI to tell the exact location we want to go in. Just enter the place you want to visit and Google Maps will calculate the distance and best path and show you the direction. Hence, Google Maps has been successfully used by the people. It makes it more convenient to reach any place without wandering. There is some app which combines virtual reality and google map to provide information. You just have to place the camera at the building and you will get information about it.

  • Social media sensitive content search

There are many social media apps which we use every day. We see a lot of videos and pictures on it. The apps have AI-enabled features. If you upload any sensitive content or anything that goes against the policy of the app then that content will be banned automatically. If you are looking for any dresses of celebrities you liked, the chances are you will find the same it.

  • Online matchmaking

Also, there are dating apps that use Artificial  Intelligence to find the match. According to the preferences and interests you have made it shortlists the accounts and brings them to your feed. Some apps have the option to find your matches based on their look. Whatever celebrity or person you have uploaded a photo of, it utilizes AI and facial recognition to find you the person who looks somewhat similar to it. 

  • Photo and video editing apps

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, you can also create some eye-catching content. You can edit your photos to exactly what you want. You can change the background or even make a video of the same image. There are a lot of ways to explore with a photo and video editor to make your content impressive.


To sum up, Artificial Intelligence is converting dreams into reality. AI is no more on theories and assumptions it has gone beyond that. The future relies on Artificial Intelligence. It is making everything more convenient. Also, AI is almost present in every sphere of human activity. AI is everywhere and with innovation, it is changing the world.

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