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You have an offline store full of products or a large company selling a wide range of products. And you have no presence online. You might be missing out on a huge opportunity. 


Building an online e-commerce store just like Amazon and Flipkart, but your personalized store may help you sell anywhere in the world. 

An online store is your store/shop on the web, just like your physical store. An online store helps to sell more products in less time. 


There are many reasons why you should own an online store, and few of them includes:

  • For business expansion
  • Easy to sell worldwide. 
  • More eyeballs and sales.
  • It helps you save time. 
  • One time build. 
  • Less investment, more return.
  • Less stressful. 
  • Worldwide presence.

How do I build an online store?

Building an online store requires a few things and steps to consider, which includes:-

Step 1 : Deciding a niche:-

Before starting a website and building an online presence, you need to select the niche on which your website will be all about. Say, health product niche, FMCG niche, or whatever your business is all about.

Technology Innovations
Technology Innovations
Step 2 : Select – Drop Shipping or personal store:-

It would be best if you cleared whether you want to start a dropshipping store or your store website. You can begin with storage or without storage/inventory in dropshipping, but you need to own a physical location for a personal store website. If you don’t own a physical store, start with dropshipping.

Step 3 : Domain name registration:-

For a physical store, register a domain name from GoDaddy, Namecheap, big rock, or any preferred site because that will be the name you will use in google as your site name. So be specific about it as you can’t change the name later.

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Step 4 : Web hosting:- 

After domain name, get your business a hosting through which your business will get some space on google to breathe. You can get hosting from Bluehost, hostinger, siteground, A2 hosting, or any preferred hosting site/server.

Step 5 : Use an online store builder to build a site:-

Here you will require some tools to help you build an online store like WordPress, woo commerce (in WordPress), or use Shopify to not play with the technical part.

Resource management
Social media marketing can be your break thorugh
Step 6 : Start listing products:- 

You need to start listing your products into the website that you made from WordPress or in Shopify. Also, do not forget to register a company and get a tax ID to work legally.

Why DIFM for online stores?

Why DIFM for online stores?

An online store needs to be attractive to the user in terms of experience and must sell products at DIFM.TECH, we make an online web store that sells products.

For Build a company website

For Build a company website

Suppose you have a company or a registered business offline. You might want to take your place online. Having a website for your company can help you go online. 

Why does my company need a website?

Having a website for your company will help you in many ways. And few of the reason includes:


  • Reflect professionalism.
  • Attract new consumers to your website. 
  • It can take reviews and testimonials.
  • Establish your brand. 
  • Build trust and expertise. 
  • Achieve success in the long term. 
  • It helps people to find you quickly. 
  • Sell your product or service to the one in need. 

How can I build a company website?


Get your company’s domain:-

The first step is to register a domain name for your website, which will be showcasing google. You can get your company’s domain from GoDaddy, Namecheap, or any other trusted domain name server websites.

Get a hosting:-

Hosting will allow your website to take some space from google’s server, and you can start putting out the content in that personal space. You can take hosting from trusted hosting providers like hostinger, Hostgator, or any other site you prefer.

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Create your company’s personalized mail address:-

Creating a personalized email address for your company can make your company look more professional and established looks more professional and credible than

Select a web builder:-

Web builders help you to build and give your website a completely new look. You can use Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, or any other trusted web builder for your company.

Still Pixels
Pick a template that suits your company:- 

In a website builder, you will find many built-in templates to help your company look great. You can go to the builder’s search bar and search for your company’s niche, and you will find the best ready to use a template.

Add content and integrate apps:-

Now you need to start producing content for the web. You can do it by hiring content managers and writers for this. And if you have any application for your company, you can integrate it with your website as well.

Cloud storage
Optimise the content :- 

Now that you have posted content, the next step is to optimize the content according to google (SEO) and your reader. You can use Yoast SEO or rank math to check the proper optimization in WordPress.

Publish the article:-

Once you have done optimization of the content and everything looks fine, you can hit “Publish,” and your content is uploaded on google, and anyone can access it.

Why DIFM for building a company website?

We have experienced web developers in the market, and we have a clear idea of what google and your customers want in a website, and we can make high converting websites.

  • Functional Action button
  • Layout Z or Layout F
  • Optimized Images and other media
  • Singular font on the website content
  • Use of proper H1 to h6 tags
  • Use of singular fonts for contact forms
  • Constant and crisp scroll of the website
  • Licensed stock images or videos to be used
  • List of right plugins required for the website to function
  • working contact forms and emails to inform customer for submission
  • GDPR and use of cookies information to be notified to visitors
  • functional newsletter subscribers’ section or plugin
  • Use of right image filenames
  • SEO friendly development
  • Ensure the right information on Robots.txt file
  • sitemap.xml to be enabled on the site with a style.css file
  • update installation guidelines while handing over any project
  • list of licenses for stock images and plugins or themes used
  • w3c validation test
  • theme information changed to developed by for “Client business”
  • A complete list of functionalities of the website tested
  • all blogs and content to be carefully updated
  • list of URLs to be rechecked for parent pages
  • custom 404 page
  • links to social
  • admin email
  • Add Social Sharing Icons
  • Check Broken Links
  • Spell check the website
  • share a copy of the backup of a completed website as well.
  • test all contact forms and URL’s
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