Domain Name – Your Brand’s First Impression

Domain Name – Your Brand’s First Impression

Hey there, reader! By now, you might have known about the WORLD WIDE WEB, as we have discussed that in our last blog post. Today, you will be learning about the first step in the online business and marketing world, domain name, and website


If you already know what a it is, you can skip the article, or you can tell us in the comment if we left anything. 


Domain name and domain extension
There are several types of domains extension


If you ever made a website before, you might know that you require a name for your website that becomes an identity and, ultimately, BRAND.

What is a domain name?

It is an address or an expression of your website that a visitor types on the search bar of google and lands to your website. 

Consider your website as your home and its domain name as your home address in the simplest term. 

A typical domain name looks something like this:, which looks attractive to the reader. 


What are domain extensions?

When it comes to buying a domain, the extension plays a significant role in a website naming. If you visit our website, you might see our web domain and an extension of “.tech.”

Domain Extensions are generally the end part of any domain name, which helps your audience reach your website directly. 

There are different types of domain extensions which includes

  • Generic domain- The most common used extensions including .com, .net, .org, .blog. 
  • Sponsored top-level domain- The top-level domain names extension represents a specific community or group of people, including .gov, .org, .edu, and .asia. 
  • Country specific domain- Every country uses their TLD to denote the country specific website and such extension includes like .uk, .co, .in, .us, .au. 
  • Local domain extension- Such top-level domain extensions registration is accessible to only few people, including .us, .name,. net. 

What are premium domains?

Have you ever seen concise domain names on google, which contains only one or two short words and are easy to remember and spell-like “”

If you have seen such domain names, they are called premium domains. They are generally expensive ones and tend to drive more traffic than a regular domain name. 

Why do you need a domain name?

Many computers are interlinked over the internet and are identified by an IP address, which looks like 22.308.65.9. 

What would the internet look like if you need to search such numbers to get into your favorite website to consume content? Would you like to search for such a number? Tell us in the comment section below. 

If you have said NO, that’s where you need a specific domain name that looks great to the user’s point of view and easy to remember. 

Where to find a domain name?

If you have one in your mind, you can check the availability of GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.

You have most of the details about what a domain name is. 

And now, here are my 2 cents on tips to buy a perfect domain for your website. 

Domain names, Domain extensions

The best tips for buying a domain name is as follows

  • Go for Top Level Domain (TLD)

It would be best if you went for .com, .net, .org domains as they are universal domains, and anyone can access the site. But if you target a local audience and not internationally, then country specified parts would work the best. 

  • Have a branded name

When you buy one, make sure that none of your competitors uses even similar names. It doesn’t have to have a meaning like “google” itself does not have any sense. 

  • Keep it short and spicy.

Most newbies try to go for fancy, great domains that don’t suit well. Ensure it includes character less than 12 characters, with no hyphens or symbols—brain Strom short ideas for your domain name

  • Try to use only words.

Please do not make it complicated by including numbers to the name unless it is necessary. Numbers, underscores, hyphens, etc. symbols make a domain quite complicated and not healthy. 

  • Use domain name generators

In case you cannot come up with cool ideas, you can use the domain name generator tool . There are tons of tools to generate perfect names like namemesh, domainwheel, nameboy, etc. 

Bonus tip

For a website to rank faster on Google, domain authority plays a significant role. If you have a completely new domain name, it will be a little tough to get indexed more quickly because of the domain’s authority and age. 

But you still have a JACK to rank faster on google

And that jack is popularly known as Expired domains.

There are domain names available on the web that existed, but the owner may not want to continue with it. The remarkable thing about such domains is that they have higher domain authority and are more comfortable and faster to rank on google. 

If you find such a domain for your website, then you have higher chances to rank faster. 

Domain names play a significant role in building a brand, so choose them wisely. 

We hope this post added value to your life. Do let us know about the domain you found for yourself using our tips. Thanks for reading 🙂

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