DIY or DIFM – The Big Choice

DIY or DIFM – The Big Choice

Hey there Digital Marketers! In our previous blog, Website – My Online Real Estate, You have learned why you need a legit website for your business and how a company is benefitted if you have a website. But there were few questions still unanswered from our side, and we would like to answer (if you find those question difficult). Today, in this blog, we will answer a few questions from the last blog, which will help you decide what to do and what no to. We at Do It For Me will answer them for you!

So let’s begin with our first question: 


Website development
          Website Design & Development


Do I have any knowledge of web development?

Even in the generation of Drag and Drop easy website making tools like WordPress or Wix, making the best design. The creativity, the professional-looking site can be a tough job because of lack of knowledge. 

You can’t drag and drop anything and expect your users to love to visit your website just because you love it. If it is not a user-friendly website, you may suffer a lot of loss, even if you have the potential business. 


DO I have the experience to make a ‘Website that Sells’ on my own?

Bingo! If you have made a website, that doesn’t mean the work is over, and you will drive tons of visitors and make millions of dollars. You need to provide them with the content that genuinely helps them, and nit just focused on selling purposes. 

Create content in any form, a blog, a YouTube video, or a FREE course or something that adds value in their life. Also, focus on UI and UX of the website to keep visitors coming to your site. 

Now, this requires time and tons of effort. Suppose you have got the time out of your business to learn content creation and website development. You can, but if you don’t, LEAVE IT ON US; WE HAVE GOT YOUR BACK. 


Do I have time out of my business to learn web development?

This answer to this question is covered in the last question: it requires tons of effort and skills to make a website and takes time to get rank. At Do It For Me you will get the answers to how to rank your website.


Do I have time for creating content for my website and social media?

Writing blog posts that helps your customer is the best way to grow your online presence. Only selling on the internet is tough until you are not providing value to your customer. ESPECIALLY if its a digital product. 

Write blog posts, make a video out of it, make an engaging post for it, upload it on social media, and, most importantly, TO DRIVE TRAFFIC. 

All of these content creation parts takes time. If you have time, go for it. AGAIN, If not, WE HAVE GOT YOUR BACK. 


Can I do SEO all on my own and rank my website to the top page?
Search engine optimization
                             Content is King


You have written a phenomenal Blog post, made a video, posted on social media but still, one step is remaining.  THE MOST crucial of all effort is TO DRIVE TRAFFIC, you need to know is Search Engine Optimization, which will help you rank on #1 of Google’s search engine result page. 

Learning and applying SEO for your business takes more than six months with very few results in hand.  But once it’s done, it is very fruitful as you don’t have to pay any more to google or social media. 

But remember, IT TAKES an ALOT OF TIME. 

We hope this post has added value to your life and answers to the questions. 

Lets us know in the comment section which is that one thing bothering you from the above answers, and we will help you out. 



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