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Hello fellow marketer! Welcome to the new post. In the previous blog, you have learned about Resource management. And we hope you have no doubts regarding resource management.  In this blog post, you will discover the vastness of digital marketing and why digital marketing is the “NEED” of the current business. 

Digital marketing, online marketing tips
      Digital Marketing is NEED


Without any further delay, let’s get into the blog and discover the new stuff. 

I have already posted much information about Digital Marketing, and I am not going to bore you by again defining what digital marketing is and the other cliche stuff. 

Let’s see why Digital Marketing is the business need!?

Due to the current circumstances of COVID, consumer behavior has changed significantly. Although, even before COVID, consumer behavior changed, COVID worked as a catalyst in changing human behavior. 

Before making any purchase, we first google or youtube to check reviews of the products rather than just blindly purchasing. RIGHT?

So imagine if your business has got no eyeballs online and nobody is checking you over the internet, you are going to miss out on the BIG THING. 

Grow your online business, online marketing tips
                  Digital Marketing is Growing

Shortly maybe 5 to 10 years down the line, people will not be going out to shop; instead, they may prefer shopping online. 

And you need to be present at that moment because that is the only way your business will breathe oxygen (cash). 

And there is too much space to breathe in the online marketing world. 

Let’s have a look at the vastness of the online marketing world. 

Digital marketing is a broad niche topic consisting of many micro-niche cases. 

For a business owner, the combination of micro-niches works the best, and if you are a freelancer, focus on one micro-niche and build your brand on it and work for many clients. 

Let’s have a brief Introduction on Micro Niche Digital Marketing Topics

  • Social media marketing

    Social media marketing, social media optimization
      Get Social- Grow your Business

One of the essential marketing modes is social media marketing, and firstly it’s FREE if the platform is new. 

But you need to spend a few bucks to get reach if the platform is old. Like facebook’s organic is dead, but LINKEDIN is the same as facebook’s 2012 phase. 

You can aggregate tons of audience on LINKEDIN for free. Just build and grow there. 

  • Content marketing

The base of online marketing is CONTENT. For example, this particular is a piece of content that you are reading right now. You can’t grow online if you don’t put out content that helps people or inspire or entertain them. 

If you have a website, post regularly. If you have a social media business profile, engage, and post daily. Let people know about you and your business. And that is done through content!

  • Search engine marketing  

Have you ever searched something on google, and the results on the top says the word “AD“? 

If not, go to google search and search for any product or service that you want, say, Google ads, just hit search, and you will see an ad from google itself. 

That is paid search engine marketing; many companies and brands use search engine ads to get more visibility and drive traffic into the website. 

Majorly, you will see e-commerce store ads because they are selling products to have a huge ROI. 

  • Search engine optimization

If you see ads, right below the ad section, you will see the organic search results. That is where most of the audience is hanging out. 

Research says that 94% of the clicks go to the organic results, and less than 10% get clicks on paid ads. 

It is beneficial for you to properly optimize the content according to google and your potential customer, and get a few do-follow backlinks from an authoritative website. You may drive tons of organic traffic. 

  • Email marketing 

Email sounds like an outdated term, but email tends to drive even more sales than paid marketing. 

The main question is, why will people give you their email address to you? 

And the answer is straightforward: Give your audience something valuable for their business for FREE and ask for their email address in return. 

Keep giving them more valuable stuff in their emails for FREE and smartly pitch your product and service. 

We hope this post on Digital Marketing added value to your life and business. Do us a favor and let us know in the comment section, which is that one micro-niche you will create your brand on and ask us if you have any queries. Thank you 🙂

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