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Hello, my fellow marketers! If you have decided to make a website of your own or want us to Do It for You, as you have seen in our last blog post on DIY or DIFM.  Today you will get tips towards compelling content creation without running out of ideas.

Once you have decided and created a website under our supervision, the next step is content creation. One of the most straightforward step, but people get confused and mess things up. 

Yes, even I had messed up things in my initial days. I had no idea what to create content. 

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    Content creation is FUN


Do you want to know the answer? 

For business owners, creating content around their products and freelancers. Creating content on which they want to build their brand, will turn things upside down. 

So here are some useful tips for content creation: 

1. Content curation

As a beginner, you rarely know much about what people are looking for about your business or product or service, and blindly hitting target may not give you the result. 

So, what you can do is to spy your competitor

What are your competitors doing online and check their posts on social media presence? 

Read and consume another blog post in your industry; try to find out the gaps you can fill. Now you have finished and curated the content. Now you know what to create and what your audience is looking for. 

2. Q & A 

Q & A session on Instagram
  Feel Free To Answer

If you cannot curate the content and don’t know what your audience is looking for, What’s the best idea you think?

Why not ask your audience only?

Your audience is looking for you all over the social media; all you need to do is to post and engage consistently. 

Say you are from Digital Marketing Agency and want to know what people would love to hear from you. 

Go to Instagram, start a Q & A session, and let them answer what they want. 

3. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the most underrated technique that most people are not even aware of.  It is one of the best approaches to pushing your brain into thinking creative ideas in a group to solve a problem. 

If you are a freelancer or working alone, connect with your friends, or the bloggers have a conversation on the topic you are working on or brainstorm with them, and you will come up with untapped ideas.

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  Discuss Your Ideas

4. Case studies

One of the best pieces of content is case-studies. People are more interested in knowing “How a random person made a million-dollar online sitting at home” than a Random motivational video. 

For a compelling case study, pick a great company and their product and tell your reader what the company was doing wrong and right. The reason you like the company and what your reader can learn from them. 

Case studies are not just a piece of content but are the excellent lead magnet that can get you, your potential customer’s email and phone number in your device. 

5. Personal story

A great piece of content can be nothing but your own story. 

You have two benefits here; firstly, you are telling people about yourself, which will help you connect with them to build trust and relive the memories. 

6. Review

People search for reviews on google and youtube before buying anything, and honestly, even I look for reviews over the internet before getting myself anything. 

So, if your product has got something valuable for your customer, use it by yourself and show them why they should get your product or service. 

Some other bonus content creating tips includes: Sharing your success and failures, Interviewing, Collaborating, Trending topics. 


So now, you have learned a lot of curating content, creating ideas that you can use for your business and build your brand and let us know if you want more tips. 

Now we would like to hear it from you which one idea you will use for your business for the first time. 

Thank you 🙂


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