Hey there! My fellow marketer. We are back with another blog post. In the past few blog posts, you have learned about online marketing and things around it. So, today you will learn something different and exciting why and how building an online community for you and your business is essential for growth!

What is an online community?  

An online community comprises like-minded people who interact on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. 

Through Facebook groups, people can interact and keep their views and topics on a specific topic. Beautiful things happen when some like-minded people interact on a common platform and share their thoughts. 

Quick task: Go to Facebook, check your Facebook groups, and let us know what type of community you are in in the comment section? 

Why does my business need an online community? 

Your business needs an online community.
Your business needs an online community to grow.

An online community is something very crucial for becoming a brand, and the few reasons include: 

  • Open to innovation

A company or an organization must be innovative and something new to the market, which can be done through innovation. A community helps you innovate because they know much more as a consumer and their needs. 

  • Helps in Marketing

Marketing can be challenging if you don’t have people who love your product or service. Marketing can be way more comfortable if you build a community as the people will share your content, and thus it’s a FREE AD for you. 

  • Brings Loyalty

You are building a community = Building trust. A community will be loyal to you as you have provided value with your services and products. No one will ever leave your organization until you provide quality content that adds value to your consumer and builds a trustworthy brand for yourself. 

  • Better customer understanding

A community helps you understand your target market better as the people in that community interact and share their experience, reviews, and feedback and improve your product and services.

How can I build an online community? 

Building a community can be way harder than it looks like if you don’t follow these steps. 

  • Platform

The first step to build an online community is to choose the right platform for your audience, say Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You have to judge where your audience is hanging out the most to reach them. It would be best if you jumped into LinkedIn asap as it is a professional platform. 

  • Add value

You know where your audience is hanging around. To be attractive to the community, you need to post valuable content that moves their needle and FREE. Adding value is more challenging than it is said. 

  • Engage

Posing out content isn’t just the thing that matters. But engagement does mean a lot. It is to maintain a relationship with your audience by answering their question and replying to their comments. 

  • Convert 

Now that you have built a community, you can even start selling your product, courses, or any services that you provide. 


We hope this post on building a community helps you grow your organization and your brand in the long term. Do let us know what niche/topic you want to make your brand on. Thanks for your time. 


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