Apps You Need To Have On Your Smartphone Right Now


The smartphone is like a heart for everybody. No one even thinks of stepping out without it. It has become the need of modern-day. There are various apps that have been introduced to bring ease of operation to android device users. Apps add extra functionality to your smartphone. It makes it easy for users to access the exceptional features of apps. 

Here are some awesome apps which you must have on your smartphone that will make your device fledged to use and also they are all available for free.

  • Whatsapp

Everybody is familiar with WhatsApp. It is like a smartphone is incomplete without WhatsApp. WhatsApp serves its best feature to the users that make it one of the must-have Android apps on a smartphone. WhatsApp connects you with your friends, family, and colleagues. You can send instant messages, share images, videos and documents. WhatsApp also takes care of security. It allows you to block the contact that is bothering you. There is a privacy policy that keeps your account safe. You can also backup your WhatsApp chat just with a single click. Whatsapp has recently launched a payment method too. Just a single app serving various purposes. That is all we want. WhatsApp can be said as master of all apps.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express

Nowadays, smartphones are coming with the best camera quality and settings. So, you can take pictures you always wished to have. With the photo editing app, you can make your picture more attractive. Also, Photoshop Express allows you to edit the photo the way you want. It provides extensive features like frames, custom stickers, collage, and filters. Adobe Photoshop lets you do corrections in your picture with noise reduction, Dehaze, exposure, saturation, contrast, highlight, and many more. It also automatically creates a scrapbook for you. This app is free but you can upgrade to premium for using advanced features. This app is wholesome for photo editing, you will not have to switch to any other app. 

  • Truecaller

Make your smartphone smarter with the Truecaller. Truecaller transforms your phonebook to make it more intelligent. It searches the caller’s name and any phone number that is not in your phonebook. Truecaller tells you about the fake and spam calls. It allows you to block unwanted calls. With Truecaller, you can search for any number in the world and find the details of the number holder. Not only it is for the calling purpose but if you update to the premium you can also do the payment process from it. 

  • Google assistant

Google assistant is one of the coolest apps that you must have on your smartphone. Imagine just instructing your phone and it does exactly what you command. That is what google assistant does. It does what you say. Yeah I know that is amazing. Google assistant is an Artificial Intelligence developed by google. It recognizes your voice and even replies to it. If you want to get news or if you want to make a call just say “ Hey Google” and proceed, your work will be done. 

  • Inshorts 

Inshorts is a newly launched news app. It keeps you updated with the national and international news. It gives you the option to select your interest and according to that, it shortlists news for you. Today no one has time, everybody wants every news at their fingertips. Inshorts understands the value of time and summarises news in 60 words and less. Even if you do not have time to open the app and read the full news, a notification will pop up on your screen and keep you updated.  

  • Skype

Skype is a multifaceted app that keeps you connected with your family and friends. It is a popular app used globally. From video calls, voice calls, and instant texts you can do a lot with skype. It takes very little data for video calling and it has a good interface.  Without worrying about the ISD charges you can call anybody across the globe, you will only require a good internet connection. You can also find people instantly you know and add them to your skype community. Apart from personal use, many professional organizations also use skype for holding meetings via video call.

  • Polaris office

With Polaris Office, you can open, create, and edit files. Also, it enables you to open the document which is created by other software. You can create a presentation or document here. You can zoom in, zoom out the content written in the document. And can also make a pdf and share it. It is easy to use and works well. You can connect your Polaris document to cloud storage services. Polaris also offers its own cloud storage services. 

  • Safe security

Protecting your smartphone from unwanted viruses is an essential task. Here, Safe security provides internet security and protects your phone from antiviruses. Also, there are lots of features like app lock, the intruder selfie, and biometric security for face recognition and fingerprint options. It is embedded with an antivirus cleaner, app lock, clean master, speed booster, and space cleaner. This app automatically cleans junk files and reduces battery usage. It also notifies if someone is snooping on your phone or unreliable Wi-Fi is detected. Safe security has an easy interface and is useful. 

  • Android device manager

Android device manager is an amazing app that lets you track your device when you are not able to find it. Wherever you have lost or misplaced your phone, this app tracks it and makes it ring even if it is in silent mode. With the Android device manager, you will not have to worry about the security and privacy of data. If your phone is lost, you can change the lock pattern or reset the pin again. The android device manager enables you to delete all your data, images, or document, so as to protect your private data. Overall, it provides you with the best security features. So in case if you have a privacy concern or have a bad habit to forget your phone, you can be safe with the Android device manager.

  • 8fit

As the pandemic prevails, fitness has been the main concern for everybody. If you find it hard to go to the gym, do not worry because 8fit brings the gym to your home. With the 8fit app, you can do all kinds of workouts. Workouts include yoga, boxing, and Tabata. You can get all these workouts at your level. The app also has HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training) which helps you to keep in shape in a short period of time. With workout plans, it also helps you with meals plan. 


So, your smartphone is already embedded with lots of features. Adding these apps to your smartphone will be like icing on the cake. These apps have a wide range of features. So, install these apps and make your smartphone a complete gadget box for yourself.

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