A Complete Guide To Machine Learning

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Machine learning is making some big changes in the real world. It is the buzz going on everyone’s mind. With its extensive features, it is contributing to the business, marketing, sales, etc across industries.

If you want to get familiar with machine learning and you do not know where to start, then you are at the right place. Here is a complete guide to machine learning.


What Is Machine Learning?

A computer program learns from experience E concerning some class of tasks T and performances measure P if its performance at tasks in T, as measured by P, improves with experience E. This is a bit tricky, right? Let us understand it in simple words.

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It provides machines the ability to learn automatically and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Some terminologies used in machine learning are algorithm, model, predictor variable, response variable, training data, and testing data.

Need For Machine Learning

  • It improves decision making 
  • Increase in data generation
  • It uncovers hidden patterns and trends in data 
  • Solve complex problems
Artificial intelligence
Machine learning is brainstorming

Machine Learning Process

The Machine Learning process involves building a predictive model used to find a solution for a problem statement.

  • The first step involves defining objective
  • The second step involves data collection. Data can extract data or collect samples from websites.
  • The third step involves the preparation of the collected data to make sure it is in a usable format.
  • Data is explored and analyzed from the previous tasks to recognize patterns if there is something obvious.
  • The fifth step involves training the data with an algorithm with human involvement. Therefore, the algorithm when evaluated is put to use and then tested.
  • The last process is using the model and sees the result if it is working as expected or not.


Where And How Machine Learning Is Used?

  • You might have noticed that spam mail is filtered automatically. You receive useful mails in your inbox. That is where machine learning comes. Used in anti-virus and anti-spam software that improves detection in harmful software.
  • Nowadays mobile phones come with lots of security options. Face detection is one of them. Machine learning has made this feature possible with its advanced algorithm. You can just open your phone by only smiling or blinking on it.
  • Anything you search on any platform be it google, Netflix, youtube, etc they all make use of machine learning. With the use of search engine organization(SEO) these platforms bring the best result that matches your search. Based on the search it also gives recommendations to you.
  • When you post photos on Facebook, it automatically suggests the name of your friend who appears in the photo for tagging them. Known as face recognition. The computer can identify an individual from a photo. This is all possible because of the use of a machine algorithm.
  • Sometimes phones automatically suggest cleaning the duplicate photos and freeing up space. Therefore, an example of machine learning. It detects the same images and suggests cleaning them up.



Technology is changing the trends and obviously, machine learning has contributed to the massive advancement of technology. Earlier humans sat for hours writing code, finding errors, and working hard. Machine learning has made everything easier without human effort. Soon all those gadgets and technologies we see in movies will turn into reality and there will be no surprise to it because our technology is growing and advancing every day.

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