All about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising 


Advertising is a showcasing correspondence that utilizes a transparently supported, non-individual message to advance or sell an item, administration, or thought.

 Pay-per-click (PPC) is a web publicizing model which is used to direct people to sites, in which a sponsor pays a distributor when the advertisement is clicked. In simple words, it is an alternative to buy routes to a particular website. Understand it in this way- each time an ad is clicked, a new user will be directed at the advertiser’s main page at a valid price. 

 How does PPC advertising work? 

You are not sure whether your advertisements are prioritized on the search engines or not. Pay Per Click Advertising is fair as it is an example that all ads go through an entirely automated process called Ad Auction. Ad Auction is a process that helps in deciding which ads will be displayed on the page based on how much profit they can make. It helps in luring in interested and significant buyers or customers. Almost every search engine is familiar with this technique and finds it pretty relevant. 

 Need of PPC Advertising 

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising helps your customers to make informed and better choices. Moreover, it gives you or your company an edge over the public domain. Users search for your products or services or ideas on search engines or browsers. PPC Advertising helps to obtain immediate results and is better than organic listings. 
  2. PPC traffic is changeable. Moreover, it helps to boost your website traffic and it gets in quality traffic. Also, PPC Advertising helps you or your brand in gaining more attention and awareness. 

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  3. PPC Advertising is not SEO-dependent. Also, they are independent of the Google algorithm changes. Rather, PPC Advertising helps you build your SEO. 
  4. PPC Advertising is highly focused and measurable. As a result, it makes a significant profit and helps you profit from the market share. Moreover, it proves to be very effective in offline sales as well.  
  5. It is real-time, efficient, and smarter when it comes to new demographics and markets. Thus, it helps you to compete with larger businesses and your competitors.  

 Types of PPC Advertising 

PPC Advertising can broadly be classified under four categories. 

  1. Paid Search Marketing– It is a sort of web promoting that associates your advertisements with the searchers discovering effectively the data you provide.  
  2. Display Advertising– It is realistic promoting on internet sites, applications, or online media through standards or others by publicizing designs to convey general commercials and brand messages to site guests. 
  3. Social Media Marketing– As the name suggests, it is the utilization of web-based media stages and sites to advance an item or administration. 
  4. Remarketing– It is the act of serving promotions across the web to individuals who have already visited your site. It is like portraying the content again and again to someone who’s already seen it.  


Platforms for PPC Advertising 

Depending on the type of PPC Advertisement, there are various platforms for it. Some well-known platforms are  

  1. Google Ads– Is the king of Pay Per Click Advertising 
  2. Bing Ads– It has a decent amount of web traffic and along these lines is a huge stage for PPC Advertising. 
  3. Amazon Ads– It is basically to promote your goods for the Amazon store. 
  4. Social media Ads– Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc. 
  5. Other Alternative Platforms– Bidvertiser, AdRoll, Yahoo Gemini, BuySellAds, etc. 


PPC Advertising is a way of luring in more customers by diverting the web traffic to your site. Since anything and everything can be found on the internet and there are lots and lots of users, PPC Advertising proves to be very helpful and profitable. It usually works with the help of Ad Auction and many companies use it. It is not only helpful in getting more customers or earning a profit but is also very effective in managing the web traffic on your site. Moreover, it does not limit your site to SEO or Google changes.  

Paid Search Marketing, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Remarketing are the four types of PPC Advertising. Also, there are various platforms for PPC Advertising. 


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