WHO are we?
DIFM.tech is a full-service IT consulting company dedicated towards providing top notch consulting for our clients.

Specializing in customer experiences & brand development, we combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver disruptive digital solutions on a worldwide scale. At DIFM we aim to provide the world with high end technology and service in an affordable price. We achieve it by partnering with upcoming technology companies across the globe and outsourcing the tasks and finding the right solution to our customers problems.

DIFM aims in providing the reach of technology to every small business owner providing them with a cost-effective solution for business growth. Connect with us to help us analyze your business and provide your business with an assistive growth plan with our ambitious and dedicated resources.

Our services

DIFM.tech offers a full range of IT services for customers. At DIFM we believe in providing custom solution for all your business needs.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine

Enjoy the freedom of custom SEO solutions with breathtaking results for your business website. Consult with one of our experts now and increase your website organic traffic.

Social Media Management
Social Media

Having a hard time gaining followers on social media? Hire a resource that helps you manage your social media. Talk to an expert and get a strategy that works for your social media management.

Website design and development
Website design and

A beautiful web design is a concept for your business. Get a fully optimized, functional website built with search engine friendliness helps your website to gain more business.

Mobile app development
Mobile app

Reach every pocket of every individual that’s a part of your business, either as a customer or an employee, get your business on every mobile with a mobile app on android and iOS.

Email automation

Customer service and satisfaction is very important for every business. Ensure every customer is reached instantly with email automation and share your newsletters at specified time and triggers.

Artificial intelligence

Make your business artificially intelligent by creating voice skills beyond imagination. Develop your skills for Alexa with our artificial intelligence skill developers. Consult with our expert now.

Looking for a complete tech consulting solution. Partner with us by joining hands on the complete consulting solution and get the best results for your business. Approx. 88% of service industry in the country has been failing due to lack of online presence and have been loosing billions of dollars every year due to the wrong decisions made in selecting a marketing strategy. Don’t burn your pockets on services that don’t give results.

testimonial-team (Demo)

“DIFM.tech is one name that I would always recommend to other small businesses for their work. My team and I really appreciate the efforts that have been put in by these guys and I remember seeing results to a value of result where I saw my traffic skyrocketing by more than 8000%. DIFM, you guys are the best.”

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